Statement of Haq Project  I use a variety of materials with different techniques for creating my sculptures, but for the project "Haq"  I tried hard to limit myself with more discipline as I did not wanted to misplace the beauty of its definition  of purity, balance and the essence of the existence. What is Haq "Haq" is a one syllable Persian Arabic word which is made up from two letters of H and Q. The word "Haq" is written in this form,   Persian manuscript is written from right to left, by repositioning the two letters and fusing them together, I arrived at this new form.   H + Q = HAQ   These two letters were studied by me in search for a new sculptural concept which evolved from  systematic proportion and calculation based on astronomical chart. Definition and Meaning "Haq" in Persian language is the root of the word HAQIQAT which means Truth.   "Haq" implies the essence of all beings and a binding force that keeps all the existing order of universe  in balance.   All forms, shapes and volumes of things are also bound and ordered together by this force which reflects the power of the creator. Conclusion The emerged sculptural concept of "Haq" from my research is a new idea structured by this new form. It is offering a new and unique concept in the language of pattern, system of geometry and proportion yet within inexperienced eyes one can see pure obstruct form of art in modern terms. This new form can be pioneer in its own right for further development in art and architecture and could  open a new chapter in contemporary art with much more depth of meaning and philosophy. Contemporary Sculptures by Farhad Soltanie  Haq Project website designed by: