Brief Biography  Farhad is an Iranian born artist and designer. He was born in a liberated  art loving family. He  showed a fascination in drawing and painting since he was 5 years old and by the age of 7 he  started to take his painting much more seriously under his uncle's guidance who was an artist  and architect. He was trained by a few established Iranian artists while he was living in Iran. In 1970 he  started a series of painting under the advice of Dr. Carolyn Varjavand at Zarvan  gallery studio in Tehran. At the age of 23 he decided to leave Iran for further study in Fine Art, and in 1975 he arrived in London. During his studying he was also involved in a number of private and  commercial art projects in  London. Farhad studied at Goldsmith's University of London,  obtained his diploma in Art and Design and BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art and his Post Graduate Diploma in Art and Design and 3 D in  Ceramics.  In 1986 Farhad obtained his M.Phil. in history of Art and Architecture  and spent a further year for his PhD. In the mid-90's Farhad studied MA in advanced Architecture and his works  validated as part I and  Part II by RIBA Royal Institute of British Architect and later in early 2000 studied his Post  Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice in Architecture  specializing in Law, Project  Management, Procurements and Contract (Part III RIBA). He has been established in  his own practice in London since 1986, providing professional architecture services and Fine art to the public. To date he has executed more than 100 varied projects and has specialised in  delivering prestigious projects from concept to completion for private and  commercial clients. He was also very active in organising and contributing  a number of exhibitions since 1976 in   London and been short listed in a few competitions. He uses an unusual, exciting variety of  techniques and design in his work, creating a new approach to architectural and interior design as well as providing an art in itself. "Paintings, Drawings and Sculptures presented on an unusual and exciting variety of  techniques and materials to convey his message of love and harmony, Farhad's ingenious  approach to this recent series has created a fundamental and radical change to the way in  which we view art and architecture. He is an artist whose talents are not restricted to one  medium or style, working (as many of the great Renaissance artists) as a sculptor, painter and  ceramist, as well as being a photographer and designer. Focusing on colours, lines, mood and expression, his art strikes at the heart of the viewer, encapsulating in each work, man's search  for truth, harmony and order. Each painstakingly created piece comes from the innermost part  of his being, thus creating the most profound and spiritual impact". Peter London, Editor of Art in London Magazine, Apr 2011. Farhad Soltanie at works Biography website designed by: