"This is a journey of knowledge and maturity through space and  time", says Farhad, A journey in which space is constantly  changing its shape and where colours are determined by speed  and energy. Such a concept is not esoteric philosophy - rather,  through his paintings and sculpture, Farhad makes it possible for anyone to make greater sense of the reason for life and our own  humble place within the enormity of a constantly changing and  expanding universe. "Time will manifest itself through our movement and Space is a  dimension of Time - a dimension that  facilitates our movement  within the earthly order of cause and  effect. Space made it  possible for objects to move and the result is a void or emptiness  within the vacated space - a void which is  refilled by the  movement of the next object - and so the cycle  continues.  This  continuous movement is the core of our known universe and the  Essence of Existence". Farhad is an artist,  whose talents are not restricted to one  medium or style, working  (as many of the great Renaissance  artists) as a sculptor, painter  and ceramist, as well as being a  photographer and designer". Peter London Editor of Art in London Magazine, Apr 2011. Farhad Soltanie is a London based, British- Iranian  Artist and Architectural Consultant  who is established his practice in north   London since 1986. He has been involved  and executed in an excess of 100 projects  and commissions in Private  and  Commercial Architecture and Fine Art. He has also been very active in organising  and contributing  a number of exhibitions  since 1976  in London and been short  listed in a few  competitions. Through the journey of his life, he arrived  at knowing himself and discovers why he  was born on earth in this vast galaxy. Also  what his duty will be on earth and where he is going after leaving his earthly body.  Farhad  says:  "I am a traveller who is  going through  the path of time and space  and will leave his  foot print behind". Welcome website designed by:  www.nrgies.com