“We are travellers who are going through the dimension of time & space, and hoping to reach our ultimate goal.” (Farhad Soltanie)

Exploring the complex and seemingly chaotic structure of the universe, a unique exhibition by British-Persian artist and architect, Farhad Soltanie, aims to bring order and harmony to the diverse relationships between time, relative dimensions and space. Utilising warm and cool colours, geometry, pattern and proportion, the artist presents an aesthetic and thought-provoking insight into the building blocks of Creation, the manner in which the universe is laid out and the existence of life. Soltanie has been inspired by further study of Persian astrologist, mathematician and scientist Khajeh Nasir al-Din Tusi and his works known by NASA as the Maragheh Revolution, or “Tusi’s Couple”, in the late 12th century.

“This is a journey of knowledge and maturity through space and time,” says Soltanie. “Time will manifest itself through our movement and space is a dimension of time – a dimension that facilitates our movement within the earthly order of cause and effect. Space made it possible for objects to move and the result is a void or emptiness within the vacated space – a void which is refilled by the movement of the next object – and so the cycle continues.  This continuous movement is the core of our known universe and the Essence of our Existence.”

From Soltanie’s philosophy it is clear that he has already travelled through the dimensions of existence. His beautiful works of art reflect our journey through space, a journey in which space is constantly changing its shape and where colours are determined by speed and energy. Such a concept is not esoteric philosophy – rather, through his paintings and drawings, Soltanie makes it possible for anyone to make greater sense of the reason for life and our own humble place within the enormity of a constantly changing and expanding universe.

Peter London
Editor of Art in London Magazine