The Essence of Existence


The Essence of Existence “Astro-Expressionism”

by Farhad Soltanie

Ever since my early childhood, my gaze has been drawn to the night sky, an enigma that has captivated me without ever being fully understood. I have often found myself in profound contemplation, pondering my place in this vast universe, what lies beyond our comprehension, and how we navigate this limitless expanse. These questions have accompanied me throughout my life, and after years of searching for answers, I have not arrived at a conclusion but rather a path of personal exploration. This journey within Astro-Expressionism is what I wish to share with you.

“This is a journey of knowledge and maturity through Space and Time.”

Time unveils itself as we move through it, and Space is a dimension intertwined with Time, enabling our journey within the earthly realm of cause and effect. Space allows objects to move, leaving behind a void that is filled by the next object in motion, perpetuating the cycle. This continuous movement is the essence of our known universe and the crux of “The Essence of Existence.”

My drawings and paintings are a pure form of expression, stemming from the depths of my inner thoughts and a sense of harmony with the world around me. I perceive the vast, boundless cosmos, and I use warm and cool colors, energy, patterns, proportions, geometry, and freedom to convey the notion of a higher intelligence, which paradoxically eludes earthly comprehension. Astro-Expressionism is the means through which I express and communicate what is fundamental to our existence, what I call “The Essence of Existence.”

As an observer, you may encounter an intensity that feels unfamiliar. Most of my paintings feature a distinctive black
background, an intense yet silent black symbolising the “dark matter” comprising our galaxy clusters, responsible for their grand organisation. In contrast, “dark energy” propels the accelerated expansion of the universe, a phenomenon I express through the movement of planets and vibrant colours. The juxtaposition of these planets against the vivid chaos of colours is my way of representing these complex and unfathomable phenomena.

The term “Astro” has its origins in the ancient Greek language, referring to “stars” or “celestial bodies” situated beyond Earth’s atmosphere. We don’t need to traverse time and space to grasp the influence of other planets on our own. Science has shed light on this through the effects of gravity on the moon, the ebb and flow of our oceans, and the fluctuations in our moods, all connected to the movements of other celestial bodies.

The 1960s marked a fierce space race between the United States and the Soviet Union, resulting in the first human journeying into outer space in April 1961 and subsequent lunar exploration. These milestones ushered in an era of discovery about space.

In the past two decades, humanity has gained valuable insights into a fraction of the vast, unseen cosmos. The Hubble telescope’s launch in 1990 and the James Webb telescope in 2021 have provided invaluable knowledge about the universe, not only propelling scientific progress and discoveries in other dimensions but also inspiring artistic expression.

“Fauvism,” an art movement characterised by vivid, non-naturalistic use of colour, thrived in Paris from around 1905 and had a significant influence on artists, particularly the German expressionist movement. Notably, Henri Matisse, a French-born artist, played a pioneering role in this movement.

Expressionism, a key art movement in the late 19th and 20th centuries, has left an indelible mark on the world of art. Its influence extended beyond the arts to literature, theatre, and cinema, making it one of the most impactful artistic styles of the 20th century.

These brief descriptions of scientific and artistic events pertaining to my work do not serve as intellectual explanations of my inspirations. Instead, they offer an analogy to my personal journey of self-discovery. This journey has melded my childhood memories, creative expressions honed over years of dedication, “artistic evolution,” with years of academic research and study, “scientific curiosity.”
The result is a coherent understanding of the intricate relationships between Time, Space, and Movement within my artwork—an understanding I’ve coined as “Astro-Expressionism.”